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An Active Learning Environment in an Integrated Industrial Engineering Curriculum
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Conference Proceedings and Posters
  • Frank Peters, Iowa State University
  • John K. Jackman, Iowa State University
  • Sarah M. Ryan, Iowa State University
  • Sigurdur Olafsson, Iowa State University
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Conference Proceeding
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Published Version
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2003 ASEE North Central Regional Conference
Conference Date
October, 2003
(42.0307812, -93.63191310000002)

We are developing a new learning environment that supports a suite of interrelated modules based on real-world scenarios. The primary goals of the project are to integrate industrial engineering courses, improve students’ information technology skills, and enhance students’ problem solving skills. In particular, metacognitive abilities will be strengthened as students apply domain knowledge, data, methods and software tools while monitoring their own solution processes. This paper presents the design of two modules that have been developed.


This is a proceeding from the Proceedings of the North Central Regional Conference (2003). Posted with permission.

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Frank Peters, John K. Jackman, Sarah M. Ryan and Sigurdur Olafsson. "An Active Learning Environment in an Integrated Industrial Engineering Curriculum" Ames, IA(2003)
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