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Assessing Dimensional Repeatability of Metalcasting Processes
AFS Transactions (1996)
  • Frank E. Peters, The Pennsylvania State University
  • R. Velaga, The Pennsylvania State University
  • R.C. Voigt, The Pennsylvania State University
Robust techniques to assess the dimensional capabilities of production metalcastings have been developed and are described, Initial considerations must be given to the measurement techniques and methodologies used to ensure that measurement system errors are not a significant part of dimensional variability studies. The use of Gage R&R techniques for measurement system analysis are described. Procedures for selecting castings and casting geometries to be included in dimensional studies are also described, as well as casting and feature descriptors that aid in subsequent data analysis.

The influence of feature length, casting weight and parting line considerations on dimensional repeatability are described fr iron castings made in green sand molds. THe dimensional variability observed is compared to current dimensional tolerance standards. This ongoing research is part of the American Metalcasting Consortia (AMC) research effort, supported by the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency.
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Copyright American Foundry Society 1996
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Frank E. Peters, R. Velaga and R.C. Voigt. "Assessing Dimensional Repeatability of Metalcasting Processes" AFS Transactions Vol. 104 (1996) p. 181 - 190
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