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How Does Management View Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing? An Empirical Study
Supply Chain and Information Management Conference Papers, Posters and Proceedings
  • Steve Melnyk, Michigan State University
  • Robert Sroufe, Boston College
  • Frank L. Montabon, Iowa State University
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Conference Proceeding
31st Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute
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This study focuses on assessing management's perceptions of Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing and the Environmental Management System (EMS) - the formal corporate system often held responsible for implementing ERM. This focus on management is needed given the importance of management support to any corporate-wide undertaking. The findings show that under certain conditions, which are widely applicable, there is a general lack of agreement between the various managerial levels about the EMS and its effects. Furthermore, top management, in several cases, does not have a very positive view of EMS and ERM. The result is the emergence of a potential obstacle to the widespread acceptance of ERM and EMS.
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Steve Melnyk, Robert Sroufe and Frank L. Montabon. "How Does Management View Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing? An Empirical Study" San Francisco, CA(2001)
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