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Rethinking International Investment Governance: Principles for the 21st Century
Boston College Law School Faculty Papers
  • Frank J Garcia, Boston College Law School
  • Emma Aisbett, Australian National University Crawford School of Public Policy
  • Bernali Choudhury, University College London Faculty of Laws
  • Olivier de Schutter, United Nations
  • James Harrison, Edinburgh Law School
  • Song Hong
  • Lise Johnson, Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment
  • Mouhamadou Kane
  • Santiago Peña
  • Mattew Porterfield
  • Susan Sell, Australian National University
  • Stephen E. Shay, Harvard Law School
  • Louis T. Wells, Harvard Business School
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Rethinking International Investment Governance: Principles for the 21st Century - written over the course of a week by a distinguished group of experts in international economic governance using the Booksprint process - aims to serve as a practical resource for those interested in the elements of an international investment system that promotes sustainable development and achieves legitimacy by providing benefits to all stakeholders.

The objective of Rethinking International Investment Governance is to change the terms of the debate so that societal values and goals are at the center of discussions about each reform proposal and process. This book rethinks international investment law as a key system in global economic governance that should incorporate principles of transparency, participation, reciprocity, accountability, and subsidiarity. It critically evaluates the current system of investment governance in light of those principles and goals. And finally, it proposes possible reforms—including multilateral ones—that would realign the governance of international investment with 21st century goals including reduction of poverty and inequality, and protection of human dignity, the environment and the planet.


The book is issued under Creative Commons license. This means anyone is free to excerpt, translate, copy and re-use for any purpose without seeking permission – as long as such use is included in work also issued under Creative Commons license.

The study has been facilitated by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). All views expressed in the study are the sole responsibility of the authors and should not be attributed to BMZ or any other institution or person.

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Frank J Garcia, Emma Aisbett, Bernali Choudhury, Olivier de Schutter, et al.. Rethinking International Investment Governance: Principles for the 21st Century. (2018)
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