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Woven Rope Friezes
Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Frank A. Farris, Santa Clara University
  • Nils Kristian Rossing
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Mathematical Association of America (MAA)

Here we present a complete set of recipes showing how to construct smooth curves with any desired frieze symmetry; we provide examples woven by Rossing for many of the pattern types, and invite readers to make others. We review the concept of frieze symmetry, develop the formulas for parametric equations with given symmetries, and pose some open questions raised by our analysis.

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Citation Information
FARRIS, Frank A. with Nils Kristian Rossing. "Woven Rope Friezes."Mathematics Magazine, 72, No. 1 (1999): 32-38. (This cites a link to an MAA-hosted web site with a JAVA applet I wrote to permit readers to experiment with friezes.)