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Unpublished Paper
  • Frank Cortez Flores

American higher education has been in a state of transition and upheaval since the founding of Harvard College in 1636, which is generally credited with the beginning of higher education in America. However, in an era of rapidly accelerating change, higher educational institutions today are confronted with a crisis of purpose, erosion of traditional values, declining public support, increasing competition for scarce resources, demands for accountability and a struggle for survival. At no time in the history of American higher education has it been more important for decision makers in colleges and universities to understand the dynamics of strategic planning and institutional renewal. On the eve of what may prove to be one of the most difficult decades for higher education, it is important to have a commonly accepted, disciplined way of thinking about the application of limited resources to complicated complex problems. Strategic planning should provide that common discipline in thinking about how to face those problems for academic administrators and faculty, since they must work together. This study will address a recognized need: enhancement of strategic planning as identified in the relevant literature; its purpose is to provide an in-depth analysis of academic strategic planning with particular attention given to American schools of dentistry.

Publication Date
March 13, 1991
Citation Information
Frank Cortez Flores. "STRATEGIC PLANNING IN ACADEME" (1991)
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