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Families speak to early childhood teachers: Impressions and Expectations
SRATE Journal (2013)
  • S.B. Thomas
  • Frank Dykes
Investigators interviewed 54 families of children with disabilities ages seven through nine to examine the expectations that families of young children hold for their child’s teacher. Responses themes were examined to determine if a pattern existed between families of different groups of children. Results reveal many families expressed true gratitude for the support provided to both the family and the child by their teacher. Nonetheless, regardless of the child’s gender, ethnicity or disabling conditions, families valued teachers who had open communication and who demonstrated respect, patience and caring for their child and the family.
  • Early Childhood Teachers,
  • Education
Publication Date
Summer 2013
Citation Information
S.B. Thomas and Frank Dykes. "Families speak to early childhood teachers: Impressions and Expectations" SRATE Journal Vol. 22 Iss. 2 (2013) p. 55 - 64
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