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The Feminine Experience in the Margins of the British Empire
  • francoise LE JEUNE, Pr
The book investigates the representations of Canada circulating at the heart of the British Empire, in the "metropolis", during the three decades preceding Canadian Confederation. The author uses Canada as an epitome for the "white" Empire. Readers will be interested in discovering which representations the Victorian public read and conceived about Canada, at the beginning of the “second” British Empire, through popular women’s travelogs and emigration narratives. The book analyses the general debate on empire building circulating in the public sphere, by taking into account its Canadian margins and their representation, through books published by well-known London publishing houses whose involvement in such “colonial” works is also examined in the course of the book.
Mellen Press
ISBN10:  0-7734-2904-2   ISBN13:  978-0-7734-2904-8    Pages:  576    Year:  2012  
  • Canada British Empire
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francoise LE JEUNE. The Feminine Experience in the Margins of the British Empire. (2012)
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