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Compact kinetic models for typical and alternative aviation turbine fuels and their surrogates
9th U.S. National Combustion Meeting (2015)
  • Sang Hee Won, Princeton University
  • Jeffrey S. Santner, Princeton University
  • Francis M. Haas, Princeton University
  • Frederick L. Dryer, Princeton University
  • Stephen Dooley, University of Limerick
Computational combustor design and analysis demands combustion kinetic models that are sufficiently compact in species number so that they can be used in multi-dimensional reacting computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations. These models ideally predict dynamic global combustion behaviors and emissions as faithfully as detailed kinetic models, but with significantly lower computational costs than even “reduced” models. Another aspect of computational engine analysis is the need to predict combustion and emissions behaviors resulting from variations in fuel composition, which is likely to increase as alternative fuels are used displace/replace conventional petro-derived aviation kerosenes. Accordingly, this work discusses a general methodology for the development of fuel-specific, CFD-appropriate compact combustion kinetic models, which is demonstrated here for several particular real aviation fuels, both conventional and alternative. This study also considers compact model generation for n-dodecane, which is often used in formulation of aviation fuel surrogates. The final compact models developed for the fuels considered are the result of transforming a representative, detailed, general kinetic model for aviation fuels (> 3000 species) into several separate, fuel-specific compact models (≤ 30 species). Additional species reduction may be achieved by restricting φ-T-P conditions for which the compact models are optimized (e.g., by excluding low temperature chemistry). Relative to more detailed models, compact models can provide a compromise between computational costs and fidelity in prediction of combustion behavior.
  • Jet fuel,
  • surrogate,
  • kinetic model,
  • model reduction
Publication Date
May, 2015
Cincinnati, Ohio
Citation Information
Sang Hee Won, Jeffrey S. Santner, Francis M. Haas, Frederick L. Dryer, et al.. "Compact kinetic models for typical and alternative aviation turbine fuels and their surrogates" 9th U.S. National Combustion Meeting (2015)
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