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Juvenile Justice: Advancing Research, Policy, and Practice
  • Francine Sherman, Boston College Law School
  • Francine H. Jacobs

This accessible, edited volume reflects the multiplisciplinary, multisectoral nature of juvenile justice, including chapters by leaders in the fields of child development, law, public health, education, advocacy, and public administration. The voices of scholars, parents, administrators, and youth are woven into its fabric; it offers several complementary theoretical lenses through which to understand the behavior of youth involved with the juvenile justice system, and provides a range of promising and proven practical approaches to juvenile justice policy, programming, and evaluation.

The book is organized ecologically into four sections: Framing the Issues, Understanding Individual Youth, Understanding Youth in Context, and Working for Change. It begins with chapters that propose useful developmental and legal frameworks for developing juvenile justice policy, and then moves on to explore issues of race, gender, and sexual orientation in juvenile justice. The critical role in crafting and implementing effective approaches played by families, communities, and public and private service systems outside juvenile justice is detailed and underscored, as are the political, philosophical, and administrative supports necessary to retool and improve the juvenile justice system. All together these chapters present a hopeful and achievable "better future" for system-involved youth, and for the system itself.

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John Wiley & Sons
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Francine Sherman and Francine H. Jacobs. Juvenile Justice: Advancing Research, Policy, and Practice. Hoboken, NJ(2011)
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