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Ethical Issues in Open Source Software
Computer Science & Information Technology Faculty Publications
  • Frances Grodzinsky, Sacred Heart University
  • Keith W. Miller, University of Illinois at Springfield
  • Marty J. Wolf, Bemidji State University
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In this essay we argue that the current social and ethical structure in the Open Source Software (OSS) Community stem from its roots in academia. The individual developers experience a level of autonomy similar to that of a faculty member. Furthermore, we assert that the Open Source Software Community's social structure demands benevolent leadership. We argue that it is difficult to pass off low quality open source software as high quality software and that the Open Source development model offers strong accountability. Finally, we argue that Open Source Software introduces ethical challenges for universities and the software development community.

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Grodzinsky, Frances, Miller, Keith W., Wolf, Marty J. "Ethical Issues in Open Source Software." Journal of Information, Communication & Ethics in Society 1.4 (2003): 193-205.

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Frances Grodzinsky, Keith W. Miller and Marty J. Wolf. "Ethical Issues in Open Source Software" (2003)
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