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The Importance of "Focusness": Focus Groups as a Means of Collection Management Assessment
Collection Management
  • Barbara J. Strauss, Cleveland State University
  • Fran Mentch, Cleveland State University
  • Carol Zsulya, Cleveland State University
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In order to assess the Library's collection, the Collection Development Assessment Team at Cleveland State University used focus groups to complement the information gathered in LibQUAL+™. Groups of undergraduates, graduates, and faculty participated in four separate focus groups. All groups reported they were essentially satisfied with the collection but also wanted better local collections and used OhioLINK to supplement their research; fewer users also utilized the rich resources of the public library systems. In keeping with previous surveys, all groups wanted more full-text available electronically, faster access to materials, and a more navigable website. It appeared that the more sophisticated the user, the more satisfied they were with the collection. The Special Collections focus group would like to have more materials digitized, improved accessibility to the collection and website, and increased interaction with the community to heighten awareness of the collection and in order to gather more primary materials for the collection.
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Mentch, F., Strauss, B., & Zsulya, C. (2008). The Importance of "Focusness": Focus Groups as a Means of Collection Management Assessment. Collection Management, 33(1/2), 115-128.