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Contribution to Book
Rural Waste Management Issues at Global Level (Introductory Chapter)
Solid Waste Management in Rural Areas (2017)
  • Florin C MIHAI
  • Mohammad J Taherzadeh
This chapter intends to draw attention to solid waste management sector toward rural areas
where bad practices and public health threats could be avoided through traditional and integrated
waste management routes. The expansion of waste collection services across rural
municipalities should be a priority for many countries. Agricultural and municipal waste
diversion from wild dumps and open burning practices must be avoided through smart solutions
at the local level which are cost-efficient particularly in developing countries. The book
further examines, on the one hand, the main challenges in the development of reliable waste management practices across rural regions and, on the other hand, the concrete solutions and
the new opportunities across the world in dealing with rural solid waste.
  • rural,
  • waste management,
  • global,
  • environment,
  • sustainability
Publication Date
Fall September 6, 2017
InTech Open
Citation Information
Mihai FC. and Taherzadeh M J. 2017. Rural waste management at global level (Introductory chapter) In: Mihai FC (ed) Solid Waste Management in Rural Areas. InTech Open .Croatia DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.70268