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The New Comparative Economics
Journal of Comparative Economics (2003)
  • Florencio López de Silanes, Universiteit van Amsterdam
  • Simeon Djankov , World Bank
  • Edward Glaeser
  • Rafael La Porta
  • Andrei Shleifer
In recent years, the field of comparative economics refocused on the comparison of capitalist economies. The theme of the new research is that institutions exert a profound influence on economic development. We argue that, to understand capitalist institutions, one needs to understand the basic tradeoff between the costs of disorder and those of dictatorship. We apply this logic to study the structure of efficient institutions, the consequences of colonial transplantation, and the politics of institutional choice.
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Florencio López de Silanes, Simeon Djankov , Edward Glaeser , Rafael La Porta , et al.. "The New Comparative Economics" Journal of Comparative Economics Vol. 31 Iss. 4 (2003)
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