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Computing Cyclomatic Complexity with Cubic Flowgraphs
Journal of Systems Integration
  • Yongming Tang, Fairleigh Dickinson University - Metropolitan Campus
  • Ali H. Dogru, Middle East Technical University
  • Franz J. Kurfess, Concordia University
  • Murat M. Tanik, University of Alabama - Birmingham
Publication Date
Two new methods for the computation of cyclomatic complexity especially for decomposable representations are introduced. Building software by integration is a developing paradigm, especially enabled by the emerging component technologies. Decomposition of the design for a top-down approach is a prerequisite for this paradigm. Cubic flowgraphs are instrumental in providing formalisms for decomposition and integration. Cyclomatic complexity analysis of a design representation that is decomposable is the goal of this research. In addition to introducing cyclomatic complexity computation using cubic flowgraphs, preservation of cyclomatic complexity in the decomposition of the cubic flowgraph is also presented.
Citation Information
Yongming Tang, Ali H. Dogru, Franz J. Kurfess and Murat M. Tanik. "Computing Cyclomatic Complexity with Cubic Flowgraphs" Journal of Systems Integration Vol. 10 Iss. 4 (2001) p. 395 - 409
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