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Fiona Fell is a ceramic artist
School of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Grayson Cooke, Southern Cross University
  • Fiona V Fell, Southern Cross University
  • Matthew Hill, Southern Cross University
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Creative work
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This video portrait featuring artist Fiona Fell and her figurative ceramic sculpture is an exercise in experimental portraiture. A laser mounted on a motion-control unit “scans” across the artist and her work; post-processing using a frame echo effect is then used to render this temporal scan into a kind of frozen virtual sculpture. The artist merges with her work as both bodies are rendered equally functional as reflective surfaces for the highly concentrated light of the laser. The project is accompanied by a soundtrack derived from the sounds of clay in action. This work is a collaboration between ceramic artist Fiona Fell, media artist Grayson Cooke, and sound artist Matt Hill.
Additional information

This project was selected for exhibition in the Hurford Hardwood portrait prize at the Lismore Regional Art Gallery, October - November 2015.

Citation Information

Cooke, G, Fell, F & Hill, M 2015, Fiona Fell is a ceramic artist, video recording.

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