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The Role of New Media in Religious Violence Report in Indonesia
Cakrawala, Jurnal Peneltian Sosial (2011)
  • Finsensius Yuli Purnama
Inspired by the writings of Andreas Harsono and his investigation on youtube, blogs, and, this paper observes the opportunity of new media usage in the aim of reporting religious violence in Indonesia as well as the challenges. Learning from how the conventional media responded to the incident of assaulting the adherents of the Ahmadiyah, Cikeusik (Feb 6, 2011), it showed that the usage of new media such as youtube is becoming an open-alternative way in spreading information when the conventional media is not able to accommodate specific content in the issue of pluralism, esspecialy to reporting religious violence. The media ethics and regulations that bound the coverage of media content are being used to protect the harmfulness in society. Thus, the freedom of media usage relies on the emergence of new media. However, the characteristic of new media that is interactive and dispersals has brought the experience of overloaded information to public. Therefore it is necessary to find a smart aggregator that can provide the accurateness of information. Futhermore, we can be the one of the smart aggregator to reporting religious violence.
  • religious violence,
  • new media,
  • smart aggregator
Publication Date
December, 2011
Citation Information
Finsensius Yuli Purnama. "The Role of New Media in Religious Violence Report in Indonesia" Cakrawala, Jurnal Peneltian Sosial Vol. Vol. 1 No. 2 Iss. Edisi Khusus (2011)
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