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College Men’s Conceptualizations of Masculinities and Contextual Influences: Toward a Conceptual Model
Journal of College Student Development (2010)
  • Frank Harris, San Diego State University

Based on a grounded theory study involving 68 male undergraduates, a conceptual model of the meanings college men ascribe to masculinities is proposed in this article. The participants equated masculinities with “being respected,” “being confident and self-assured,” “assuming responsibility,” and “embodying physical prowess.” Contextual factors that influenced these meanings are also reflected in the model. Using the model as a guiding framework, recommendations for supporting the gender identity development of college men and implications for future studies of masculinities in college contexts are offered.

  • College Men,
  • Masculinities,
  • Identity Development
Publication Date
Citation Information
Harris III, F. (2010). College men’s conceptualizations of masculinities and contextual influences: Toward a conceptual model. Journal of College Student Development, 51(3), 297-318.