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Deconstructing Masculinity: A Qualitative Study of College Men's Masculine Conceptualizations and Gender Performance
NASPA Journal (2008)
  • Frank Harris, III, San Diego State University

Informed by the constructionist epistemological perspective, the purpose of this study was to examine socially constructed conceptualizations of masculinity and gender performance among 12 culturally diverse undergraduate men. The participants espoused seemingly productive conceptualizations of masculinity, yet their gendered behaviors were inconsistent with the conceptualizations they espoused. Based on the findings, recommendations for supporting the gender identity development of college men are proposed.

  • Gender,
  • Masculinity,
  • College Student Development
Publication Date
Citation Information
Harris, F. (2008). Deconstructing Masculinity: A Qualitative Study of College Men’s Masculine Conceptualizations and Gender Performance. NASPA Journal 45(4), pp. 453–474.