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Unpublished Paper
Dilemmas of decision (Nozick) and private military companies security
Working Papers Civil Wars (2010)
  • Fernando Estrada

Using two theoretical categories of the work of Robert Nozick: (a) protection agencies and (b) minimal state, to illustrate by analogy with the CMSP, the dilemmas arising from the use of private military in regions with civil wars and conflicts irregular. We see that the relations preserved PBMC protection agencies (AP) as they act and are consolidated as an economic market and through coalitions that can replace the monopoly of force of modern states. Indeed, protection agencies to Nozick the same characteristics of the new mercenary armies, only the latter have managed to systematize their methods of recruitment services in the wider protection market

  • Private military,
  • mercenaries,
  • state security,
  • human rights,
  • Robert Nozick
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Fernando Estrada. "Dilemmas of decision (Nozick) and private military companies security" Working Papers Civil Wars (2010)
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