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About Fernando Estrada

My main goal now is to build a platform for models of argument in political economy (WFP), with emphasis on economic networks and contemporary problems of models political. the domain of finance have the objective of financial risk analysis and epistemology of economics at work perpspectiva from Popper/Lakatos/Mandelbrot.
With respect to the problems of the colombian armed conflict and the effects of civil war, my research includes conflict analysis since the work of the fuzzy logic and non-formal logic, argumentation theory and graphical models in Euler diagrams. The state policy issues are examined from the crisis of liberalism and questions of justice as fairness (Nozick, Rawls, Cohen).
In history and theory of the economy, I'm working on developments in economics policy, taxation and tax fiscal, with an emphasis on the works of Hayek / Samuelson / Buchanan.


Present Economics Resarch Network, Universidad Externado de Colombia
Present Financial Research Network, Universidad Externado de Colombia
Present Political Theory, Universidad Externado de Colombia
Present Professor, Universidad Externado de Colombia
Present Reseacher, meow

Research Interests

Political Economy, Epistemology, Arm Conflict and Civil Wars, and Political Theory

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Honors and Awards

  • Sapiens Research Investigador Meritorio 2010
  • AEA American Economic Association (Member)
  • IPSA International Political Science Association
  • Editor MPRA Personal / RePEc / IDEAS
  • Associate Editor The Economic Research Guardian
  • Refereing of Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
  • Top Authors SSRN Social Science Research Networks
  • Philosophy, Universidad del Valle 1981 / 1985
  • Thesis (Honors): The influence of Luther in German Philosophy
  • Distinguished Mention in Philosophy: The Logical Construction of the World in the Aufbau of Rudolf Carnap, Universidad del Valle, 1997
  • Prize Essay: Philosophy of Science 2002
  • Peer Referee of Scientific Research, Economy, Philosophy, Sociology, Social Sciences, Colciencias 2004 / 2011
  • Peer Referee Journal Metroeconomica

Contact Information

Calle 12 . 0 - 85 Este
Barrio la Candelaria
Bogotá, Colombia
05-71 - 3419900 - ext. 1202 (Phone)

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