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The Adventist Sola Scriptura Research Project
Celebration of Research and Creative Scholarship
  • Fernando Canale, Andrews University
Presenter Status
Emeritus Professor of Theology and Philosophy, Department of Theology and Christian Philosophy
Start Date
1-11-2013 1:10 PM
End Date
1-11-2013 1:30 PM
Presentation Abstract
My research has demonstrated the possibility, foundations, goal and method for a broad reaching, interdisciplinary research project grounded on the faithful application of the Seventh-Day Adventist sola-tota-prima Scriptura principle. The current presentation will explain how my work stems from the as yet unexplored connection between Scripture and philosophy. From this angle, and using current philosophical discoveries and the role of paradigms in scientific research, my studies suggest that during the last century science has moved from a classical-timeless to a hermeneutical-temporal scientific paradigm. This seismic shift calls for the deconstruction of classical, modern and postmodern theologies and requires rethinking the entire edifice of Christian theology from scratch, that is to say, from the things themselves rather than from tradition. Here the Adventist total commitment to Scripture provides the ground, data and perspective from which to understand a new theological paradigm from its philosophical foundations to its missiological applications. To investigate all the consequences of this macro paradigm shift for Adventist Theology and the Adventist University it is necessary to create an interdisciplinary team of specialists fully committed to the sola-tota-prima Scriptura principle. This project should work first within the area of the Theological Encyclopedia and then include all the disciplines taught in Adventist universities around the world.
Citation Information
Fernando Canale. "The Adventist Sola Scriptura Research Project" (2013)
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