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Secular Adventism?: Exploring the link between Lifestyle and Salvation
  • Fernando Canale, Andrews University
Any casual observer of the history and culture of Seventh-day Adventism knows that Adventist lifestyle is undergoing a profound transformation. The differences between the church and the world appear to blur. Why are Adventists renouncing their characteristic lifestyle and adopting that of popular culture? In this book, Fernando Canale addresses this perturbing question inviting us to analyze the causes behind the theological and practical separation that exist between salvation and the believer's everyday lifestyle. He also clearly explains the biblical foundations that lead to the conclusion that lifestyle forms part of the experience of salvation. Finally, he suggests methods that might assist pastors, leaders and lay Adventists to become involved in a ministry where salvation and Christian lifestyle are the result of an indivisible experience. --back cover
Publication Date
Peruvian Union University
  • Seventh-day Adventists -- Doctrines -- Salvation,
  • Salvation,
  • Justification (Christian theology)
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Fernando Canale. Secular Adventism?: Exploring the link between Lifestyle and Salvation. Lima, Peru(2013)
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