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From Sociological Interpretation to Political Science
Latin American Perspectives (2018)
  • Fernando Barrientos Del Monte
From the end of the nineteenth century until well into the 1980s, one spoke of the “political sciences” (in the plural), a concept that included all the disciplines that analyzed political phenomena. “Sociological interpretation” began in the 1960s as a model of social science meant to provide both criticism and direction regarding development policies. Rodolfo Stavenhagen’s 1965 “Seven Erroneous Theses about Latin America” is an example of the role played by the political sciences at the time. Given the development of contemporary political science, which seeks dependent and independent variables and mid-range theories and bases its claims on empirical information, the question arises what Latin American political science can (re) learn from the interpretive model employed 50 years ago.
  • Sociology,
  • Sociology of science,
  • Political science,
  • Latin America
Publication Date
Fall March 1, 2018
Citation Information
Fernando Barrientos del Monte, "From Sociological Interpretation to Political Science", Latin American Perspectives 45, no. 2 (March 2018): 51–61. doi:10.1177/0094582X17748377.