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El voto electrónico y el déficit democrático europeo
Revista TEXTOS de la CiberSociedad (2007)
  • Fernando Barrientos del Monte, Istituto Italiano di Scienze Umane
From the first elections to the European Parliament in 1979, abstention has become one of the main characteristics of communitarian elections. The most sophisticated electronic vote systems have been implemented in Europe. Some of them have been suggested for the European Parliament elections, assuming that the electronic vote will increase citizens participation. This article claims that the restructuring of the European party system is what will rescue the European Parliament from its democratic deficit. If the implementation of electronic vote systems for communitarian elections takes place in a weak political context, the years of research and the invested resources might not meet the expectations around them. Unfortunately, their potentiality to reinforce democracy might also be delayed.
  • Electronic Vote
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Fernando Barrientos del Monte. "El voto electrónico y el déficit democrático europeo" Revista TEXTOS de la CiberSociedad Vol. 12 (2007)
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