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Ethnic Diversity in Geography Undergraduate Programs
Journal of Geography
  • Lawrence E. Estaville, Texas State University - San Marcos
  • Fenda A. Akiwumi, University of South Florida
  • Edris J. Montalvo, Texas State University - San Marcos
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  • ethnic diversity,
  • geography undergraduate programs,
  • Hispanics,
  • African Americans
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The discipline of geography in the United States has not done a good job of attracting people, other than Asians, from underrepresented ethnic groups. This article examines undergraduate geography programs in the United States to understand better the status of their ethnic diversity, particularly regarding Hispanics and African Americans, and to offer insights that may be constructive in creating more diverse academic environments.

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Journal of Geography, v. 107, issue 6, p. 211-219

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Lawrence E. Estaville, Fenda A. Akiwumi and Edris J. Montalvo. "Ethnic Diversity in Geography Undergraduate Programs" Journal of Geography Vol. 107 Iss. 6 (2009) p. 211 - 219
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