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Media Gatekeeping and Portrayal of Black Men in America
Journal of Men’s Studies (2019)
  • Felix Kumah-Abiwu
Black men continue to face many challenges in the United States, but their negative portrayal in the media seems to be one of the pervasive challenges facing them. While “occupying” a huge space in the media landscape, one wonders why such a space has not been adequately used to draw public interest/attention to the problems facing Black men. This dilemma with implications for policy outcomes (action/inaction) deserves further theoretical insight. To explore this, the article draws on the critical race theory and white racial frame with the literature on the social construction of Blackness, Black men, and media gatekeeping to advance the argument that the intersections of race, social structures, and media gatekeepers create incentives for the negative portrayal of Black men.
  • Black men,
  • media gatekeeping,
  • critical race theory,
  • white racial frame,
  • negative portrayal
Publication Date
Spring May 14, 2019
Citation Information
Felix Kumah-Abiwu. "Media Gatekeeping and Portrayal of Black Men in America" Journal of Men’s Studies (2019) p. 1 - 18
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