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Issue framing and electoral violence in Ghana: a conceptual analysis
Commonwealth & Comparative Politics (2017)
Ghana has conducted several successful elections since 1992, but the country continues to face many threats of widespread violence due to the recurrent nature of micro-level electoral violence and the existence of vulnerabilities such as political patronage, politics of exclusion, winner-takes-all electoral system and ethnic cleavages. While these factors have been used to explain the causes of electoral violence, issue framing by political elites and its connection to electoral violence have not been adequately examined. To better understand this phenomenon, this article draws on the concept of framing to underscore the argument that issue framing and reframing by political elites tend to shape micro-level electoral violence in Ghana.
Publication Date
Winter January 19, 2017
Citation Information
"Issue framing and electoral violence in Ghana: a conceptual analysis" Commonwealth & Comparative Politics Vol. 55 Iss. 1 (2017) p. 1 - 22
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