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Moreau Lislet: The Man Behind the Digest of 1808
  • Alain Levasseur, Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College
  • Vicenç Feliú, Villanova University School of Law

The Louisiana legal system is unique in the United States and legal scholars have been interested in learning how this situation came to pass. Most assume that the origin of this system is the Code Napoleon and even legal scholars steeped in Louisiana law have a hard time answering the question of the roots of the Louisiana legal system. This book solves the riddle through painstaking research into the life of Lois Moreau Lislet, the driving force behind the Digest of 1808.

  • Civil Law,
  • legal history,
  • Louisiana,
  • Civil Code,
  • Moreau Lislet,
  • Digest of 1808,
  • Code Civil,
  • Spanish Law,
  • French Law
Publication Date
Claitor's Publishing Division
Citation Information
Alain Levasseur and Vicenç Feliú. Moreau Lislet: The Man Behind the Digest of 1808. Baton Rouge(2008)
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