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About Felicia Moore Mensah

Hello! My name is Felicia Moore Mensah, Ph.D. The publications I provide on this site represent a portion of what I do as a professional educator.
Currently, I am an Associate Professor and the Program Coordinator of Science Education, in the Department of Mathematics, Science and Technology at Teachers College, Columbia University, in NYC. I earned my Ph.D. in Science Education from The Florida State University (2003), my M.S. in Biology and Secondary Education from NC A&T State University (1992), and my B.S. in Biology from UNC-Chapel Hill (1988). I also completed a two year postdoctoral fellowship at Michigan State University, the second year while I was in residence at Teachers College.
I have published extensively in the area of science teacher education. My research interests are in diversity and social justice education with an emphasis on improving science experiences and for PreK-16 teachers and students in urban classrooms. I use culturally relevant/responsive pedagogy in the preparation of science teachers, and also in teacher development, assessment and curriculum. This approach allows students who are traditionally marginalized in science learning, and their teachers in many instances, to view science as accessible, fun, and empowering. I conduct professional development workshops and institutes with elementary, middle, and high school science teachers as well as provide outreach activities for schools, such as hosting elementary students to attend science courses at the university.
I have received a number of awards, honors and acknowledgements, such as the Early Career Award, Division K, from the American Educational Research Association (2012), and the Race, Culture and Diversity Teaching Award, from Teachers College (2006).


Present Program Coordinator, Teachers College
Present Associate Professor, Teachers College

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