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About Ben Feldmeyer

Ben Feldmeyer has been at the University of Tennessee since 2007. He received his Ph.D. in Sociology from Penn State University in 2007. His research focuses on criminal behavior and criminal sentencing and their intersection with race/ethnicity, social class, social context, and other demographic groups (i.e. age and gender). His work pays particular attention to the effects of structural conditions on violent offending across race/ethnicity (particularly among Latinos) and addresses such questions as: (1) Do structural conditions like poverty and disadvantage have similar effects on violence across race/ethnicity and can these factors fully account for race/ethnic-crime relationships, (2) How does segregation influence violence in black and Latino communities, and (3) What effect (if any) does immigration have on crime? Dr. Feldmeyer’s current projects include a study assessing the relationships between race/ethnic population composition (% Black, % Hispanic), social structure, and community rates of violence. Other projects include analyses identifying the effects of immigration and immigrant isolation on community levels of crime (violence, drug/alcohol abuse, and property offending), as well as a study examining the sources of Asian delinquency relative to those of other race/ethnic groups.


Present Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

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916 McClung Tower
Department of Sociology
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