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王梵志詩歌異調通押現象辨析 = A study on different tones in a rhyme of Wang Fanzhi's poems
  • Fei LI, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
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Journal article
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  • 王梵志,
  • 異調通押,
  • 白話詩,
  • 濁上變去,
  • Wang Fangzhi,
  • Different tones in a rhyme,
  • Vernacular poetry,
  • Vibrant Shang tone changed as Qu tone
關於王梵志的生平時代, 學術界目前有“隋-初唐說”, “盛-中唐說”, “唐五代說”以及“非一人一時說”等四種假說。我們同意“非一人一時”的說法, 其原因除去文學意義、色彩、思想上的差別以外, 我們認為還有一項非常重要的例證: 王梵志詩歌不同版本的詩歌格律上有所不同; 具體而言,不同版本的王梵志詩歌其異調通押差異非常明顯。 There are four hypothesis about the life four years of Wang Fanzhi, which are Sui-Early Tang, the prosperous time to the mid-Tang dynasty, Tang dynasty to Five Dynasties and non-one-person and non-one-period. We agree on the last statement, besides the reasons on literary significance, ideology, writing skills, we consider there is a very important evidence, there are different metrical patterns in different versions. 本文根據作者的博士論文《初唐詩格律研究》中的一節修改而成。
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ISBN of the source publication: 9787544453752
Citation Information
李斐 (2013)。王梵志詩歌異調通押現象辨析= A study on different tones in a rhyme of Wang Fanzhi's poems。 《漢語史學報》,13,115-124。