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Mining and Civilization, An Illustrated History
  • Fathi Habashi
Mining and Civilization has been conceived to compliment the author's two books History of Metallurgy and Readings in Historical Metallurgy and to fill a gap in the literature. It is difficult to study the history of metallurgy without studying the history of mining at the same time. Each time the author visits ancient ruins or examines an ancient stone statue he recalls the work of miners who brought the material from a quarry so that the sculptor can create a work of art. History of mining, quarrying, and stone carving is history of civilization.
  • Mining,
  • Civilization,
  • Industrial minerals,
  • metalsColossal carvings,
  • Tunnelling,
  • Arts,
  • Heraldy,
  • Coat of arms,
  • logos
Publication Date
Summer 2010
Métallurgie Extractive Québec
Citation Information
Fathi Habashi. Mining and Civilization, An Illustrated History. Quebec City, Canada(2010)
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