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O ensino da Tecnologia Quimica versus o da Engenharia Quimica
Revista de Quimica Industrial (1992)
  • Fathi Habashi
Chemical technology (applied chemistry) as an academic discipline is virtually non-existent in North America while it is thriving in Europe. On the other hand, chemical engineering (applied physical chemistry) has gained an unprecedented development. The development of chemical engineering is well justified due to the expanding petroleum industry. However, this should not displace chemical technology. At present, chemical engineering is favored by extensive academic research while chemical technology research is suffering greatly. Chemical technology seems to be taught mainly in junior colleges graduating chemical technicians (also referred to as technologists) with no research facilities. This may be the reason why the industry is expanding but not innovating. A balance between the two disciplines should be considered by North American educators as in Europe and Japan. Translated from English by Prof. Abraham Zakon, School of Chemistry, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
  • Chemical technology,
  • Chemical engineering,
  • Applied chemistry,
Publication Date
July, 1992
Citation Information
Fathi Habashi. "O ensino da Tecnologia Quimica versus o da Engenharia Quimica" Revista de Quimica Industrial Vol. 60 Iss. 689 (1992)
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