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The Beginnings of Chemical and Metallurgical Industries in Canada
De Re Metallica [Madrid] (2006)
  • Fathi Habashi
The only metallurgical operation in New France and the first in Canada was the Forges Saint-Maurice situated on the bank of Saint Maurice River near Trois-Rivières which is located half way between Québec City and Montréal. The story of the Forges dates back to 1667. In 1743, the Forges passed to the Royal domain and were carried on for several years in the name of the King Louis XV. At the conquest of New France in 1760, the Forge passed with other Royal properties to the British Government and were operated under military authorities. In 1883, operations ceased since other furnaces had been erected in 1860 at Radnor, not far from the St. Maurice Forge, where ore and fuel could be more easily obtained.
  • Forges Saint Maurice,
  • Iron Works,
  • Blast furnace,
  • New France
Publication Date
May, 2006
Citation Information
Fathi Habashi. "The Beginnings of Chemical and Metallurgical Industries in Canada" De Re Metallica [Madrid] Vol. 5 (2006)
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