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The Phosphate Industry on the Postage Stamps
Phosphorus & Potassium (1999)
  • Fathi Habashi
Postage stamps are important means of communication and many countries have recorded important events, honored worthy individuals, and described interesting facts through this medium. Many historical facts, sometimes obscure, can be found on stamps; some of these may not be easily located in a history or a science book. Stamps have artistic value, they are created by artists. Mining and Metallurgy on Postage Stamps is intended to give a historical background to mining and metallurgy by presenting about 900 enlarged reproductions of colored stamps from different countries. Explanations are given in simple language to bring these topics to young people, philatelists, and educators, available from Métallurgie Extractive Quebec
Publication Date
September, 1999
Publisher Statement
Métallurgie Extractive Quebec, 800 rue Alain # 504, Quebec City, Canada G1X 4E7
Citation Information
Fathi Habashi. "The Phosphate Industry on the Postage Stamps" Phosphorus & Potassium Vol. 223 Iss. September/October 1999 (1999)
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