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Philagem International (2016)
  • Fathi Habashi
Norilsk, in the Arctic Circle, can only be reached from Krasnoyarsk which is 1500 km to the north. It is the center of a region where nickel, copper, cobalt, platinum, palladium and coal are mined. Mineral deposits in the Siberian Craton had been known for two centuries before Norilsk was founded, but mining began only in 1939, when the buried portions of the Norilsk-Talnakh intrusions were found beneath mountainous terrain. According to the archives of Norillag, 16,806 prisoners died in Norilsk under the conditions of forced labour, starvation, and intense cold during the existence of the camp (1935–1956). Now it is a city of two hundred thousand residents. It is about 1550 km away from Krasnoyarsk. Russia recently issued a commemorative stamp to mark the 80th anniversary of the exploitation of nickel.
  • Trans-Siberian Railway,
  • Tsar Alexander III,
  • Tsar Nicholas II,
  • Leonid Alekseyevich Kulik,
  • Tunguska event.
Publication Date
April, 2016
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Fathi Habashi. "Norilsk.pdf" Philagem International Vol. April-June 2016 Iss. 129 (2016) p. 12 - 15
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