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Chalcopyrite. Its Chemistry and Metallurgy
  • Fathi Habashi
This monograph is about the most important copper-bearing mineral chalcopyrite, CuFeS2, and represents the first book of its kind to cover this field. It discusses the occurrence of the mineral, its separation from other minerals by flotation, its crystal structure, physical properties, its thermal stability and phase transformations. The chemical properties of the mineral are reviewed in detail: oxidation, reduction, chlorination, dissolution in acids and in ammoniacal solutions, the action of chlorine aqueous solutions, and the influence of metal ions in solution or other minerals associated with chalcopyrite on its aqueous oxidation, the role of bacteria, the anodic oxidation, and cathodic reduction of the mineral in aqueous solutions. Published in 1978 by McGraw-Hill International, now available from Métallurgie Extractive Québec.
  • Copper,
  • Hydrometallurgy,
  • Pyrometallurgy,
  • Electrometallurgy
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Fathi Habashi. "Chalcopyrite. Its Chemistry and Metallurgy" (1978)
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