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Contribution to Book
Canon Law
A Dictionary of Jewish-Christian Relations (2005)
  • Lawrence E. Frizzell, Seton Hall University
Commentary on Canon Law.
  • cannon law,
  • Church law,
  • kanon,
  • measuring rod,
  • regula,
  • rule,
  • synod,
  • Decretum of Gratian,
  • Decretals of Pope Gregory,
  • Papal states,
  • Codex Juris Canonici,
  • Code of Canon Law,
  • interfaith marriage,
  • Raul Hilberg,
  • The Destruction of the European Jews
Publication Date
Edward Kessler and Neil Wenborn
Cambridge University Press
Publisher Statement
A Dictionary of Jewish-Christian Relations may be purchased from Cambridge University Press online at Cambridge University Press.
Citation Information
Lawrence E. Frizzell. "Canon Law." In A Dictionary of Jewish-Christian Relations, edited by Edward Kessler and Neil Wenborn, 77. Cambridge: Cambrige University, 2005.

Available at Cambridge University Press.