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The Magnificant
The Kinship of Catholics & Jews (2010)
  • Lawrence E. Frizzell, D.Phil., Seton Hall University
Father Frizzell discusses the prayer, the Magnificat, within the context of its Jewish roots and parallels on The Kinship of Catholics & Jews radio program, which is broadcast every Sunday on WSOU 89.5 at Seton Hall University.
  • Magnificant,
  • Mary,
  • Jewish,
  • Catholic,
  • liturgy,
  • prayer,
  • Luke,
  • WSOU,
  • 89.5,
  • Lawrence Frizzell
Publication Date
October 3, 2010
Citation Information
Lawrence E. Frizzell. "The Magnificant" The Kinship of Catholics & Jews (2010)
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