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―The Evolution and Challenges of Online Journalism in Nigeria.‖
The Handbook of Global Online Journalism (2012)
  • Farooq A Kperogi, Kennesaw State University

The last seven years have seen the phenomenal growth and expansion of not only traditional online journalism but also social media online journalism in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation. In this chapter, I trace the evolution and idiosyncratic features of online journalism in Nigeria, explore its variegated manifestations, capture the relational and professional tensions that have erupted between Web-only, mostly diasporan, citizen journalists and more traditional homeland journalists, and show how all this has altered journalistic practice in Nigeria. I also discuss the tensile relationship between citizen online journalists and the Nigerian government, a relationship that has led to the high-profile arrests of diasporan citizen journalists who traveled to Nigeria from their base in the West for routine business. Finally, I explore how the emergent genre of citizen social journalism helped shape the 2011 general elections in Nigeria and enriched homeland traditional journalistic practice.

  • Online journalism,
  • Nigeria,
  • Social media journalism,
  • Citizen social journalism,
  • Diaspora citizen journalists
Publication Date
Eugenia Siapera and Andreas Veglis
Citation Information
Farooq A Kperogi. "―The Evolution and Challenges of Online Journalism in Nigeria.‖" OxfordThe Handbook of Global Online Journalism (2012)
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