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Cloud Computing: Strategies for Cloud Computing Adoption
  • Faith J Shimba
The advent of cloud computing in recent years has sparked an interest from different IT stakeholders. This is a result of the new economic model for the IT department that cloud computing promises. The model promises to remove the need for heavy investment for limited IT resources towards renting IT resources and paying based on usage. Although, the adoption of cloud computing promises various benefits to organizations, a successful adoption requires an understanding of different dynamics and expertise in diverse domains. Currently there are inadequate guidelines for adoption and this book proposes a roadmap for cloud computing adoption called ROCCA. The book is intended to be helpful to CIO, CEO and IT managers in analyzing cloud computing and as a guide towards its adoption
Publication Date
December 7, 2010
Lambert Academic Publishers
Citation Information
Faith J Shimba. Cloud Computing: Strategies for Cloud Computing Adoption. (2010)
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