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Students' Perceptions of WebCTTM in the Dental Hygiene Curriculum
Online Journal for Workforce Education and Development
  • Faith Miller, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
The purpose of this study was to determine student response to the integration of web-based instruction as a teaching method in baccalaureate dental hygiene courses. A 22-item questionnaire was developed and administered to a convenience sample of two groups of dental hygiene students regarding basic computer skills/knowledge and their perception of using WebCT™ as a supplement to traditional classroom instruction. The most common problems reported when visiting the WebCT™ course page by both groups were the inability to open/download files quickly, and slow browser and difficulties with the internet server. Both groups reported that more orientation on WebCT™ could have increased utilization of the web page and that more courses should incorporate the use of the internet. A comparison within one of the two groups of students who completed two courses with WebCT™ and thus, completed the questionnaire twice, provided valuable feedback that instructors can use to improve the integrating of WebCT™ in traditional course delivery.
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Faith Miller. "Students' Perceptions of WebCTTM in the Dental Hygiene Curriculum"
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