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Population pharmacokinetics of amikacin in patients with pediatric cystic fibrosis
Pediatric Pulmonology (2019)
  • Paulo C Guido
  • Mariel Perez
  • Alicia Halac
  • Mariela Ferrari
  • Manuel Ibarra
  • Manuel Ibarra
  • Facundo Garcia-Bournissen, Western University
Amikacin is commonly used in patients with pediatric cystic fibrosis (CF) for the treatment of pulmonary exacerbations. Amikacin efficacy is related to maximum plasma concentration/minimum inhibitory concentration (Cmax/MIC) ratio >8. Pharmacokinetic data in patients with pediatric CF are scarce. The aim of this study was to develop a population pharmacokinetic (PopPK) model describing amikacin disposition in patients with pediatric CF.
CF patients under 18 years of age with pulmonary exacerbation who received amikacin were enrolled. Patients received different amikacin regimens (30 mg−1 kg−1 day−1 every 8, 12, or 24 hours) depending on the patient's status and hospital protocols. Amikacin serum levels were obtained for therapeutic drug monitoring. PopPK model was developed using MONOLIX Suite‐2018R1 (Lixoft).
A total of 39 patients (114 amikacin concentrations) were included in this study. Population estimates for the elimination rate constant (k) and the volume of distribution (V) were 0.541 hours−1 and 0.451 L/kg, respectively. Between‐subject and between‐occasion variability were 53% and 16.5% for k and 31% and 22% for V, respectively. Bodyweight was a significant covariate associated with V. Based on simulations, almost 70% of the patients receiving 30 mg−1 kg−1 day−1 every 24 hours would achieve a Cmax/MIC ratio >8 which is an appropriate therapeutic goal while no patient in the other two groups (Q8 and Q12) would achieve that objective.
The regimen of 30  mg−1 kg−1 day−1 every 24 hours more adequately fulfilled the therapeutic target for amikacin. Although all our patients had good clinical results and a good adverse‐events profile, further studies are necessary to redefine the optimal treatment strategy.
  • amikacin,
  • cystic fibrosis,
  • pediatrics,
  • population pharmacokinetics
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Paulo C Guido, Mariel Perez, Alicia Halac, Mariela Ferrari, et al.. "Population pharmacokinetics of amikacin in patients with pediatric cystic fibrosis" Pediatric Pulmonology (2019)
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