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Kinetics of superoxide ion in dimethyl sulfoxide containing ionic liquids
Ionics (2015)

The chemical generation of superoxide ion (O-2 (aEuro cent a')) by dissolving potassium superoxide was investigated. The chemically generated O-2 (aEuro cent a') was then used to study the long-term stability of O-2 (aEuro cent a') in dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) containing ionic liquids (ILs) and determine the rate constants based on pseudo 1st- and 2nd-order reactions between the IL and O-2 (aEuro cent a') generated in DMSO. O-2 (aEuro cent a') was unstable in DMSO containing [S-222][TFSI], [DMIm][MS], [BDMIm][TfO], [EMIm][TFSI], [EMIm][MS], [P-14,P-666][TPTP], [P-14,P-666][TFSI], and all pyridinium-based ILs. In contrast, O-2 (aEuro cent a') was very stable in DMSO containing [MOPMPip][TFSI], [BMPyrr][DCA], [BMPyrr][TFSI], [BMPyrr][TfO], [HMPyrr][TFSI], [MOEMPip][TPTP], [BMPyrr][TFA], [N-112,1O(2)][TFSI], and [MOEMMor][TFSI]. This shows that these ILs can be used for different applications involving O-2 (aEuro cent a'). The reaction rate constant, total consumption, and consumption rate of O-2 (aEuro cent a') were determined. The rate constants of O-2 (aEuro cent a') in some ILs were found to follow pseudo 1st-order reaction, while in others, pseudo 2nd-order reaction kinetics were observed. Link to Full-Text Articles :

  • superoxide ion,
  • ionic liquids,
  • oxygen reduction,
  • aprotic solvents,
  • reaction engineering,
  • potassium superoxide,
  • temperature molten-salt,
  • electrochemical reduction,
  • alkyl-halides,
  • stability,
  • generation,
  • oxygen,
  • solvents,
  • cation,
  • destruction,
  • extraction
Publication Date
March, 2015
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"Kinetics of superoxide ion in dimethyl sulfoxide containing ionic liquids" Ionics Vol. 21 Iss. 3 (2015)
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