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Progress, prospect and challenges in glycerol purification process: A review
Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews (2015)

Glycerol surplus in recent decades due to global increase in biodiesel production has created a new form of challenge in terms of purification for crude glycerol. This review summarizes the progress of crude glycerol purification technologies using various techniques. Critical insights are given regarding the application of suitable techniques for crude glycerol purification which includes chemical pre-treatment, methanol removal, vacuum distillation, ion exchange, activated carbon and membrane separation technology. Extensive discussion is made in relation with stages and processes in the conventional, current and emerging glycerol purification technologies. Lastly, aspects concerning the challenges of glycerol utilization and purification are thoroughly discussed. (C) 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. Link to Full-Text Articles :

  • crude glycerol,
  • biodiesel,
  • purification,
  • membrane,
  • waste cooking oil,
  • economize biodiesel production,
  • membrane separation processes,
  • crude glycerol,
  • vegetable-oils,
  • seawater desalination,
  • palm oil,
  • osmotic distillation,
  • reverse-osmosis,
  • current state
Publication Date
February, 2015
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"Progress, prospect and challenges in glycerol purification process: A review" Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews Vol. 42 (2015)
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