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L'accesso al mercato nei servizi di interesse generale
  • Fabio Giglioni

The monograph deals with the access to the market in the services called 'service of general interest' by the EC. The work is divided in three parts: in the first one, it shows the juridical way, which the EC and Italian rules have been coming to include the service of general interest in the competitive law with, clarifying the present narrow limits of this inclusion; in the second part, it underlines the juridical implication of access to market according to regulatory and antitrust law perspective, suggesting the introduction of some categories ('free access', 'selective access', 'exclusive access'); in the last one, the results of the previous parts take account of reconsidering the juridical relevance of liberalizations and public services in the Italian administrative order. Particularly, the conclusive thesis suggests that the transformation of ruling the economic relations makes hardier to split the public services from the competitive law, but this does not mean the 'old' concepts of the public services are definitely overcome. The changes open new frontiers for the doctrine of the administrative law applied in economic relations, but it is still possible using the oldest one in some single market segment of the services of public interest.

  • Public utilities,
  • Access to the market,
  • Liberalization,
  • Privatization
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Fabio Giglioni. L'accesso al mercato nei servizi di interesse generale. Milano(2008)
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