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Unpublished Paper
Google Law?
ExpressO (2012)
  • F.E. Guerra-Pujol, Barry University

In this paper, we discuss the details of our proposed "Google law" or "turing trial" experiment and offer a tentative proof of concept for our alternative model for trying cases and resolving disputes; that is, we tentatively specify the conditions under which our alternative model of justice would work in practice. In addition, we assume the role of a justice entrepreneur and propose the creation of a competitive justice market in place of state-owned courts and the existing government monopoly over the supply of justice. To this end, we explain why a competitive market for justice is not only feasible but also desirable on both efficiency and moral grounds.

  • Google,
  • litigation,
  • Turing Test,
  • turing trials,
  • claimant compensation fund,
  • private adjudication,
  • public monopolies,
  • markets
Publication Date
August 22, 2012
Citation Information
F.E. Guerra-Pujol. "Google Law?" ExpressO (2012)
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