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Public Health Systems and Services Research: Dataset Development, Dissemination, and Use
Public Health Reports
  • F. Douglas Scutchfield, University of Kentucky
  • Nikki Lawhorn, University of Kentucky
  • Rick Ingram, University of Kentucky
  • Debra Joy Pérez, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Rick Brewer, University of Kentucky
  • Michelyn Bhandari, Eastern Kentucky University
Public health systems and services research (PHSSR) is defined as "a field of study that examines the organization, financing, and delivery of public health services within communities and the impact of those services." PHSSR is a relatively young field and suffers from a paucity of research resources. In this article, we describe the development and utility of a data resource, housed on the Health Services and Sciences Research Resources website maintained by the National Library of Medicine, which provides easy access to instruments, indices, and datasets that are relevant to PHSSR researchers. We also investigate efforts to promote the use and dissemination of these data resources, including the awarding of research grants and the organization of a PHSSR conference.
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Published in Public Health Reports, v. 124, no. 3, p. 372-377.

©2009 Association of Schools of Public Health

The copyright holder has granted the permission for posting the article here.

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Support for this project was provided in part by a grant from RWJF, Princeton, New Jersey. This project was also made possible with support from the National Library of Medicine.
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F. Douglas Scutchfield, Nikki Lawhorn, Rick Ingram, Debra Joy Pérez, et al.. "Public Health Systems and Services Research: Dataset Development, Dissemination, and Use" Public Health Reports Vol. 124 Iss. 3 (2009) p. 372 - 377
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