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Conclusion: Future of Public Health
Contemporary Public Health: Principles, Practice, and Policy (2012)
  • C. William Keck, University of Kentucky
  • F. Douglas Scutchfield, University of Kentucky
  • James W. Holsinger, Jr, University of Kentucky

Public health refers to the management and prevention of disease within a population by promoting healthy behaviors and environments in an effort to create a higher standard of living. In this comprehensive volume, editor James W. Holsinger Jr. and an esteemed group of scholars and practitioners offer a concise overview of this burgeoning field, emphasizing that the need for effective services has never been greater. Designed as a supplemental text for introductory courses in public health practice at the undergraduate and graduate levels, Contemporary Public Health provides historical background that contextualizes the current state of the field and explores the major issues practitioners face today. It addresses essential topics such as the social and ecological determinants of health and their impact on practice, marginalized populations, the role of community-oriented primary care, the importance of services and systems research, accreditation, and the organizational landscape of the American public health system. Finally, it examines international public health and explores the potential of systems based on multilevel partnerships of government, academic, and nonprofit organizations. With fresh historical and methodological analyses conducted by an impressive group of distinguished authors, this text is an essential resource for practitioners, health advocates, and students.

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James W. Holsinger, Jr.
University Press of Kentucky
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© 2012, University Press of Kentucky.
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C. William Keck, F. Douglas Scutchfield and James W. Holsinger. "Conclusion: Future of Public Health" Lexington, KentuckyContemporary Public Health: Principles, Practice, and Policy (2012)
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